I'm offering any painting on this page for $500 unless otherwise noted.

Sold unframed and free shipping.

Contact me with name of image and I'll send PayPal invoice to your email.

Contact: Dvolsic@gmail.com 435.513.1071

Paintings are oil on board at various sizes.

8x10 to 20x16

Ask about availability of any paintings on website.

Big Hole Tactics 14x11

Willow Bank Produces 14x11

Cowboy Style 14x11

Come On Take It 14x11

Deep Water Run14x11

Working the Moss 14x11

Working the Edge 14x11

Hard At It 14x11

Fall Fighter 14x11

Bank Take 14x11

Deep Water Run 14x11

Deep Water Run 14x11

Off The Big Wall 14x11

Hatch On 14x11

Raft Catch 14x11

Perfect Take 14x11

Big Water Catch 14x11

Provo Catch 14x11

Flat Creek Catch 20x16 **

Working the Provo 14x11

English Style 9x11.5 study $200

One Handed Fighter 11x14

Colorado River Catch 11x14

Perfect Hole 14x11

Old School Tactics 11x14

Inlet Beauty FRAMED 11x14

Perfect Light 11x14