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VolsicArt Oil on Metal Paintings


I've developed a techinque of etching and maniuplating metal surfaces such as hot rolled steel and galvanized steel to creat a dynamic painting surface and patina. Many of the painting here show what you might think is a painted surrface is actually the metal surface untouched. Rusty in places, patina and organic shapes in other. Treated with an automotive product to stop the rust and hold the patina then painted with oils and a final coating of matt varnish. 


Painting on non-traditional surfaces has been around for ages. Many masters used to paint on marble.


These are all available at Lunds Fine Art ( in Park City, Ut.
Commission work is available as well. 


They can be produced as large as 8x4 feet. Weight is not a big factor, they are pruduced on a self-framing case that is hung with french cleats. 


Example of etched metal, and painting with background coming through and large, 8 feet by 4 feet, commission work.

Oil on metal and Park City artwork available at Lunds Fine Art, Park City, Utah.


Or contact me for
any image requests.

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