I'm offering any painting on this page for $500 unless otherwise noted.

Sold unframed and free shipping.

Contact me with name of image and I'll send PayPal invoice to your email.

Contact: Dvolsic@gmail.com 435.513.1071

Paintings are oil on board at various sizes.

8x10 to 20x16

Ask about availability of any paintings on website.

Wyoming Mud Rollers 14x11

Story Time 11x14

Old Timers 14x11

Yellowstone Days 14x11

Moose Study 14x11.5

Back to the Barn 16x12

Fruitia Utah 18x14 FRAMED $550

Mr. Bugler 11x14

Amish 8x10 $300 SPECIAL

Hiding in Plain Sight 14x11

High Ute Ranch

Kayakers 11x14

Kamas Barn Study 14x11 $200

No Name Saloon 16x20

Pennsylvania Farm Study 8x10 $100

Horseback Hunter 14x11

Young Colorful Burrow 11x14

Lost Lake 14x11 FRAMED

Young Sheep 14x11

Girl With Lamb 11x14

Hiding in Plain Site 11x14

Graz with Attitude 11x14

Buffalo Morning 11x14

Ruckus on Salt River 11x14

Little Wild One 14x11

Long Horn 14x11

Classic Buckaroo 14x11

Classic Vaquero 14x11

Deer Field 14x11

Wild Color 14x11

The Old Way 14x11

The Feeders 14x11

The Chase 14x11

Salt River Break 14x11

Rainy Day Cow 14x11

Quid Pro Quo 14x11

Oxen Days 14x11

Almost Home 14x11

Dust Buster 14x11

Hitch Hiker 14x11

Hard Light 14x11

Plow Boy 14x11

Wild One 11x14

Wild Girl 11x14

Vintage Navajo 11x14

Thirsty Days 11x14

Buffalo Soldier Study 11x14

Indian Study 11x14

Pallets study NFS 11x14

Braids 12x16**

Lazy Day 11x14

Burro Buds 11x14

Black Smith 11x14

Summer Tactics 11x14

Summer Tetons 11x14

Orange Picker 11x14

Salt River Drinkers 14x11

Sumer Days 14x11

Kiss My Ass 14x11

Red Tags 14x11

Early Snow 14x11

Sweet Pack Horse 14x11

Charro in Brown 11x14

Charro 11x14

Days Work 14x11

Chicken Study